Object: original Japanese woodblock print
Genre: ukiyo-e 浮世絵 pictures of the floating world

Artist: Tai Koun 田井耕耘 (1865-1936), signed Koun 耕耘
From the series: Pictures of Dancing Figures 踊姿絵
Print title: Kisen 喜撰
Print subject: the Buddhist monk Kisen Hoshi 喜撰法師, one of the six immortal poets Rokkasen 六歌仙, as well as a priest in the city of Kyoto, escapes from the temple to admire the cherry blossoms

Note: walking with a flask of sake on his shoulders, Kisen will end up meeting his beloved Ono no Komachi 小野小町 who, under the disguise of a maid, will offer him some tea and dance for him who, in return, will reciprocate with a chobokure chongare ちょぼくれちょんがれ, an extravagant performance by which the monks drew people’s attention to obtain alms

Publisher: Matsuki Heikichi 松木平吉

Material: washi 和紙 Japanese paper
Technique: nishiki-e 錦絵 multi-coloured woodblock printing

Year: 1899, 4th month
Condition: good, slight wrinkles
Dimensions: 26 x 38 cm